What will YOU wear for the birth of your baby?

"My Labor Gown, (basically like a Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress to give birth in ) is one of the most clever products I have seen in awhile!" - Morgan Hutchinson of Shop Buru as featured in wellroundedny.com

You saw our logo and thought she was pretty.
You are curious to find out what the heck a labor gown is.
You're on a mission to find the perfect alternative
to the ugly, reused hospital gown.

What if we told you that My Labor Gown™ is not only gorgeous and fashionable it's completely functional AND hospital friendly!

Times-a-ticking. Your nine months is almost up!

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Morgan Hutchinson of Shop Buru


Trust us, we get it! Been there, and done that!

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Yup! We can bet that you are eagerly awaiting the birth of your new baby, BUT you don't have a clue what to wear?!

"I wore My Labor Gown the entire labor. The nurses were able to monitor the baby with no problem and I was able to get an epidural without having to switch gowns.The labor and delivery staff complimented me on my gown. We all agreed it was the perfect alternative to the ugly hospital gowns. I'm very satisfied. I looked great and felt great! I received many compliments on my labor photos as well. The gown was a hit! I will definitely recommend your product to friends and family! Thank you!" - Krystal


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